P&O Cruises

The largest cruise line serving the British market P&O Cruises’ home port is Southampton but they offer worldwide destinations with a total passenger capacity of almost 15,000 and a 5% market share of all cruise lines worldwide. Operating eight cruise ships Helm were brought on board to look at the footwear being used across the fleet.


Complaints were rising on the comfort of the existing products - and concerns over slip issues on deck.


As a result of our findings, it was noted that the number of shoes purchased was quite varied and of a lower quality.


Introduced a Helm survey and subsequent trials

Rationalised the range of footwear, manufactured with higher quality uppers and a new TPU sole unit

The new sole material had a sharper grip pattern, was more hardwearing and a very high slip co-efficient

It was expected that this would possibly be on cost in the first year due to the improved quality, however:

41% cost savings achieved in the first year

Slip accidents reduced by 68%