London Underground

London Underground dates back to 1863, when the world’s first underground railway opened. Since then the Tube has grown to 270 stations, across 11 lines. Helm was asked to review the range of PPE and workwear used across the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly underground lines, depots and stations.


Following a survey, we found a considerable variation in the products being used and where the goods were being ordered.


After trialling more up to date products and agreeing on a core range of workwear and PPE, we implemented our CtrlCloud platform for all goods to be ordered through.

PPE and workwear is associated with an individual and is delivered to that person.


“Tube Lines can now accurately report on spend by cost centre by individuals and products and ensure that their staff are protected” Brian Withers, PPE manager

Achieved 39% cost savings

Developing new disposable orange-coloured PPE products to ensure it’s easy to identify what products are being used - and if they are correct - as soon as staff arrive on site

New RFID tracking system to track consumable products within each depot.