As the most visited theme park in the UK, it's impossible for LEGOLAND to channel all procurement through a single department at the Windsor park. The benefits being one of the Merlin Entertainments attractions were not being realised through service, product or cost-in-use.


Helm was asked by directors of LEGOLAND to rationalise their suppliers, their products and control their spend for PPE, corporate workwear and cleaning/janitorial solutions. Across the seven main LEGOLAND departments there were between six and 15 suppliers being used for the product categories tasked to Helm.


Over a 6-month period, predominantly off-season when usage and replenishment was minimum, Tower visited all departments to determine exactly what was needed by them.


Helm rationalised products by finding out exactly what was required and recommended solutions which had correct safety ratings for the job requirements.

Identified further areas for rationalisation and improved valued at a 20% saving.

Provided product servicing across all departments with online service records available to LEGOLAND.

Enhanced service provided through personal account management and online control and measurement.