Carnival UK

As a partner supplier to Carnival UK, who operate as P&O Cruises and Cunard from their Southampton head quarters, we have taken a holistic view to price mitigation and cost control.


Brexit and the devaluing of sterling against the dollar and euro has had a significant impact on the price of product purchased into the UK. Further macro-environmental pressures were effecting specific products such as vinyl gloves.


Helm divided the task of mitigating price increases and providing cost control through product, including cost-in-use savings, process and projects.


Alternative products were found to be more effective and also more easily transportable.

A project to issue product in quantities as relevant to job roles and create a rolling review plan was developed.

Rationalising products used to increase volumes across departments mitigated from potential price rises.

Project established to consolidate supply of selected products used within Europe and bring uniformity.