Aggregate Industries

Aggregate Industries manufactures and supplies heavy building materials including stone, asphalt and concrete to the construction industry and other sectors.


AI was currently using 200 suppliers and needed to address the supply of all PPE, workwear, tools and consumables.


Helm won the tender, and within 6 months and introduced a new range of products that were both better quality and fit for purpose.


Helm carried out training and onsite workshops to introduce the new products

Introduced a new online supply and information tool based around the CtrlCloud platform

Now all PPE, workwear, tools and consumables are ordered through CtrlCloud

This has enabled the re-development of 6 regional stores staff

Introduced a more targeted product range, decreasing from 600 to 200 products

200 suppliers reduced to 1 supplier

Contract award at £1.5 million, actual spend and a 900K saving of over 36%.